Everything You Need to Know About Industrial Cladding

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December 20, 2017

Unless you’re in the roofing industry, you probably won’t be that familiar with types of roofs, and also certain terms used within roofing to describe things. However, at CJS Roofing we believe that it’s important to supply all of our customers with as much helpful information as we can, and in a form that is easy to understand.

By explaining certain areas of roofing to our customers, we hope that it will help them to understand the importance of these, and what materials and solutions are used under which purposes. In this blog, we wanted to cover a few facts about Industrial Roof Cladding, and how this is beneficial to any structure.

So, what is it?

Industrial Roof Cladding is essentially a protective layer. It is used to protect properties against damage from weather conditions and to lessen the impact from deterioration of materials around it. Cladding can be used both in roofs and walls of any kind of structure, and is a great way to prevent serious damage to your property and make the overall structure more secure.

Why do you need it?

It’s inevitable that at some point or another, your roof will require repair or replacement. However, Industrial Cladding is ultimately used to try and keep this to a minimum. The whole purpose of it is to keep your roof safe and secure. Roof Cladding is primarily used to protect against severe weather damage, minimise destruction that can be caused, and to strengthen a structure. Whether your property is industrial or residential, Cladding works to ensure that any building is protected from common damage.

How we can help!

Here at CJS Roofing, we have a proven track record of providing great Roof Cladding installation to our clients throughout Stockport, South Manchester and surrounding areas. We use waterproof plastisol roof sheets to do the job as this is a strong and effective material built to protect structures. The whole service we provide around Cladding varies. This is so that we can make it as suitable to both your roof and your property as we can. As well as this, not only can we install it, but we can also repair it if you suffered any problems!