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Based in Stockport, South Manchester, our skilled, qualified roofers have the ability to meet any repair or installation requirement, including flat roofing.

If you are based in Stockport or surrounding areas of South Manchester and Cheshire and would like to find out more about flat roofing or discuss your requirements in detail, why not give us a call today? We are also specialist installers of industrial roof cladding.
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Investing in a replacement roof or a repair can be costly, especially if the work is not carried out to a high standard. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That’s why it’s worth employing an experienced firm of roofers to carry out a roof repair or replacement, ensuring that they leave you with a professionally installed or repaired roof. Remember, choosing the easy or cheaper option could end up costing you more in repairs further down the line.

CJS Roofing is a well-established and reputable team of roofers who have been working in and around Stockport and South Manchester for many years. We have built our reputation organically by offering a high-quality roofing service which delivers performance, durability and great value for money.

Whether we’re tiling, slating or demonstrating our ability with stone, you can depend on us to deliver the results you desire. Our roofers can replace a missing tile or two, substitute a broken slate or carry out a full re-roof in line with your requirements. If you’re not sure where a problem lies, we will take a look on your behalf and provide our feedback based on what we find upon closer inspection. We will always explain our findings in full and what they entail before proceeding with any work.

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Rubber Roofing

Rubber Roofing

If you have a felt flat roof you may find that it’s susceptible to UV and weather damage. As you can imagine, this can cause problems. Our roofers are able to replace your felt flat roofing like for like if you wish or you might be interested in learning more about EPDM rubber roofing.

Durable, flexible and safer to install, EPDM rubber roofing offers improved weather resistance and an extended life expectancy of up to 50 years. Though the initial outlay for EPDM rubber roofing may be higher, the long-term performance will more than recover the cost.

Practical to install, most flat roofs can be covered with a single sheet of watertight rubber; with no joints on your flat roof, it’s far less likely to leak. A lightweight material, rubber can be effortlessly shaped to the contours in your roof and, in the unlikely event of a tear, is simple to repair.

Felt flat roofing requires stones or chippings to be added to the surface in order to prevent damage from sunlight, however these stones are often washed away, leaving it open to the elements. EPDM rubber is able to expand and contract in accordance with conditions, making it weather resistant even to temperatures as low as -50°C and as high as 150°C. EPDM gives you the confidence that high winds and heavy rain will not compromise the surface.

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    Composite, metal and PVC roofs make up over 90% of the market.

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    Size, pitch and materials are three main factors that determine cost.

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