What You Can Do With a Conversion

July 16, 2018

Do you have a room in the house that’s a little pointless, a bit of a waste of space? And have you ever considered having a conversion done to this room? There are so many things you can do with a conversion, so many opportunities to make your home what you really want it to be, and our job is to turn your visions into a reality. Perhaps our team here at CJS Roofing could help you with a loft or basement conversion, or advise you on some of the ways you can transform your house and make it look brand new.

Here are a few things you can do with a conversion and how it can really benefit you in the long run.


Use space you already have

It’s all about making use of existing space. There’s no need to expand or start looking elsewhere, you can make the changes to your house that will make it feel like an entirely new place with all the room you need just by converting somewhere like a loft or garage. Perhaps your family is expanding and you need a new bedroom, or you just want somewhere to act as a little social space, or maybe even a walk in wardrobe! You can make your conversion whatever you want it to be, it just all comes down to how you can make use of the space you already have and make this appear bigger or become more useful.


How it can add value and become a great investment

On average, a conversion will increase the value of your house by anything between 10% – 20%, and needless to say, that is a lot! Conversions are the best way to improve your home and are certainly a great investment. Instead of getting a whole new mortgage and moving somewhere new, it’s about paying to make the changes you desire, and that is going to cost you a lot less than moving into somewhere new. Furthermore, it requires half the amount of hassle. By increasing the value of your home, this means that if it does come to a point in the future where you think it’s time to move out into somewhere new, your house will be worth more to buyers and it will be more appealing to those that are seeking to buy. The contrast between how much it costs to get done and how much value it adds makes it completely worthwhile and a fantastic investment in your house.

Create more space

The way you arrange your conversion and the way you choose for it to be set out, determines how much extra space you appear to gain. I know we’ve just touched on how you should use the space you already have, but this doesn’t mean you can’t use it as a way to create more. By clearing out rubbish, or taking our part of a wall, or completely re-arranging the whole layout, you can make it appear like an entirely new room and create way more space than you had before.


How we can help

If there is enough unused space in your house, there is no doubt that we can turn it into something great. Whether you want to convert your garage to a gym, turn an unused bedroom into a games room, or turn the loft into a brand new bedroom, we’re here to listen to your goals and make them happen. No job is ever too big or too small, and we’re also here to advise you on how you could make use of some of the space in your house and what the best move for a conversion would be.

Sometimes, big conversions can cause quite a disturbance to your house and your home life, but we will ensure that you are able to continue with your daily routine with as little disruption as possible. You will be able to watch first hand your brand new room take shape and become what you want it to be.


If you’re looking at getting a conversion or want some advice, we will be more than happy to help. Just call us on 01614 279 518 or send an email to s.malamed@yahoo.com.