Getting Your Home Ready for British Summer with an Extension

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May 15, 2024

As the British summer approaches, thoughts of longer days, warmer weather, and enjoying more outdoor activities come to mind. For many homeowners in Stockport and across the UK, it’s also the perfect time to consider enhancing their living space. One fantastic way to do this is by adding an extension to your home. At CJS Roofing, we’re here to guide you through the process and help you make the most of your new space.

Benefits of a Home Extension

Before diving into the preparation tips, let’s explore some of the benefits of adding an extension to your home:

1. Increased Living Space

An extension can provide much-needed additional space, whether for a larger kitchen, a new dining area, or an extra bedroom. This can be particularly beneficial for growing families or those who frequently entertain guests.

2. Enhanced Property Value

A well-designed extension can significantly increase the value of your home. It’s an investment that not only improves your living conditions but also boosts your property’s market appeal.

3. Better Use of Outdoor Space

Summer is the ideal time to enjoy your garden and outdoor areas. An extension with bi-fold doors or a veranda can create a seamless flow between your indoor and outdoor spaces, making it easier to enjoy the British summer weather.

4. Customised Living

Extensions allow you to tailor your home to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you want a sunroom to bask in natural light or a new home office with a garden view, the possibilities are endless.

Preparing Your Home for an Extension

1. Plan Ahead

Start by clearly defining the purpose of your extension. Are you looking to add a new living area, a bedroom, or perhaps a kitchen extension? Understanding your needs will help you design a space that meets your requirements.

2. Set a Budget

Establish a realistic budget for your project. Consider all potential costs, including materials, labour, and any unforeseen expenses. A well-planned budget will help keep your project on track and avoid any financial surprises.

3. Obtain Necessary Permissions

Check with your local council to determine if you need planning permission for your extension. In some cases, you might be able to proceed under permitted development rights, but it’s always best to confirm this beforehand.

4. Hire a Professional Team

Selecting a reputable contractor is crucial for the success of your project. At CJS Roofing, we offer expert advice and quality craftsmanship to ensure your extension is built to the highest standards. Our experienced team will work with you from concept to completion, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process.

5. Consider the Design

Work with an architect or designer to create a plan that complements your existing home. Consider the layout, materials, and overall aesthetic to ensure your extension blends seamlessly with your current property.

6. Prepare for Construction

Once your plans are in place, it’s time to prepare your home for construction. Clear the area where the extension will be built and make arrangements for any necessary adjustments to your daily routine. Construction can be disruptive, but proper planning can help minimise the impact on your household.

7. Think About Summer Use

As you plan your extension, consider how you’ll use the new space during the summer months. Features like large windows, skylights, and outdoor access can help you make the most of natural light and warm weather. Consider adding features like ceiling fans or air conditioning to keep the space comfortable.

Enjoying Your New Space

Once your extension is complete, it’s time to furnish and decorate. Choose light, airy colours and materials that reflect the summer vibe. Add some indoor plants and comfortable furniture to create a welcoming environment. With your new extension, you’ll have the perfect space to enjoy the British summer, whether you’re hosting a barbecue, relaxing with a book, or simply enjoying the extra room.

At CJS Roofing Stockport, we’re committed to helping you create the home of your dreams. Contact us today to discuss your extension project and get ready to enjoy a fantastic British summer in your newly expanded home!