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Lead Work
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dedicated leadwork

CJS Roofing Stockport

We have a dedicated leadwork specialist on our team, catering to roofing projects in Stockport and South Manchester.

All aspects of lead welding are covered by a highly trained and time-served specialist. We are also specialist installers of industrial standard roof cladding.


Lead Specialist

As one of the oldest and most recycled and re-used building materials available, lead will outlast many of its mass produced imitations. Highly resistant to atmospheric corrosion, lead makes the perfect building material as both an economical and environmentally-friendly alternative to its peers. Though slightly more expensive than its counterparts, lead is worth the initial outlay as its longevity and ecology offers not only the best aesthetics and longest lifespan but also the highest value for money in the long term.

Based in Stockport, the team at CJS Roofing includes an approved lead specialist who is trained to use tried and tested installation techniques which demonstrate best practice and adhere to relevant standards. Our complicity with lead and its use in construction gives you the peace of mind that you only need to contact one company for any roof repair or replacement which utilises lead.

Leadwork is a specialist skill which should only be undertaken by a trained specialist; inexperience will instead cause untold damage to your roof. The lead workers at CJS Roofing Ltd have two decades of experience in all aspects of leadwork, from chimneys and finials to bays, gulleys, valleys and more.

Whilst undertaking leadwork we only use lead of the finest quality from trusted suppliers, ensuring that you experience the full benefit of lead in the construction of your roof. If you live in Stockport or the surrounding areas of South Manchester and you have leadwork to attend to or would like to find out more about the qualities of the material, you are welcome to contact us.


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