Repair or Replace: What Should I Do to Fix My Roof?

April 3, 2019

Roofing can be quite a complicated thing. Quite often when you notice something wrong with your roof, it is natural to panic and worry about how you are going to get it fixed. However, it should be noted that some problems cause more significant harm and risk to your roof than others, and so knowing what kind of damage it is, is the starting point to determine whether it is repairable or whether you need a new roof.

Here are a few of the most common kinds of damage in roofing, and the most fitting solutions for them…

Get the repair done ASAP

As with most things, the sooner you get your roof repaired the better. The longer you leave it, the worse it is going to become. If the problem is repairable, but you don’t get it repaired straight away and instead leave it for a long time, it may become more severe and as a result have far worse consequences which may lead to you needing a full roof replacement. On the other hand, if the problem is bad enough to require a replacement, you should also get this done ASAP to ensure that the damage isn’t putting your home at risk.


Replace your broken shingles

Common types of roofing damage, such as broken slats and shingles, are pretty easy to fix. They don’t present much danger and aren’t too expensive to replace. Furthermore, simply replacing a few broken shingles can have a much bigger impact on your roof than you think, as visually it looks a lot better, but it can also reduce the risk of things like leaks and dampness in your home. Although this is a simple repair, as with everything in roofing, you still require a roofing inspection beforehand so that a roofer can assess whether or not there is any damage beneath that ought to be treated. It also allows the roofer to give a professional opinion and advise you on the most suitable kind of solution.


Think long term

Are you faced with a recurring problem? Or something you want to find a quick fix for? Sometimes people opt for quick repairs on their roof to save money and hassle, however in the long run, this probably isn’t the cheapest option. Paying for a repair may cost you less now, but if it means the damage is going to reoccur later on and the repair won’t last, which will end up costing you more money. Although roof replacements are expensive, you should consider whether having this done will save you money long term and prevent you from having to pay out on more damage later on.


Replacing your roof as a result of severe damage or aging

Unfortunately, sometimes damage within roofing is completely out of our hands, as it is often caused by things such as severe weather conditions. This can lead to serious damage which as a result puts your home in danger and means that the building may not be safe if the roof is not fully secure. Another natural cause is aging. As roofing materials get older, they become weaker, and so it is good to be aware of this so that you can assess whether it is time to have a new roof installed.

Water damage is one of the worst and most powerful kinds of damage your roof can face. Again, this can come from bad weather conditions if there is heavy rainfall or snow and ice, or on the other hand, if there is some existing damage to your roof, this may allow for dampness and leaks to happen. If water gets beneath the shingles on a roof, it can have dangerous consequences and cause some pretty bad damage. It can often make your roofing structure weak, which puts the whole building at risk. A lot of the time, there has to be some bad damage to your roof to allow this to happen, and so we recommend getting a roof replacement rather than trying to mend the faulty areas.

Getting a roof replacement doesn’t necessarily have to be as a result of severe weather. If your roof is old, it is natural for the materials to weaken and be at risk of damage. Depending on the type of roofing materials on your home, the best solution may be to get a replacement, as it is likely that there is a high risk of damage.


For more information and advice or if you are in need of a roof inspection ahead of a repair, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.