Should I Remove Moss From My Roof?

April 21, 2020

Getting moss on your roof is a bit of a pain. Not only is it unsightly, but it can also become damaging if left untreated for too long. Although moss doesn’t cause major issues, it has been known to lead to dampness in your roof, as well as blockages in guttering. Therefore, some people like to get moss removed just to be on the safe side, and also to stop their roof from becoming a bit of an eyesore!

However, if you do decide to get moss removed from your roof, you must be careful as the chemicals used can actually cause degradation to the tiles. As well as this, you can dislodge tiles in the process, which causes them to reposition incorrectly. 

We thought we would tell you a bit more about removing moss from your roof, as well as explain the advantages and disadvantages of this…


Advantages of removing moss from your roof…

Over time, moss can congregate in excessive amounts on your roof, and it is when it gets to this point that we would advise having it removed. Having a large amount of moss covering the surface of your roof can cause your roof to weaken, as well as lead to things like leaks and dampness. These things are dangerous to your home and costly to repair. So, having the moss removed will save you money in the long run and is cost effective for your property.

Moss absorbs all moisture. This means that if you have a lot of moisture on your roof, your roof will always be wet. This is not healthy for your roof and can lead to early roof replacement if left untreated for too long. All of this moisture and dampness is a danger to the structure of your property, therefore having the moss removed is a way to keep your property strong and secure.

Another advantage of removing moss from your roof, is that it prevents blockages in your draining system. Pieces of moss will fall off your roof over time, and this can cause a build up in your gutters, which prevents the flow of rain water and completely blocks them up.


Disadvantages of removing moss from your roof…

In order to remove moss from your roof, you have to use chemicals to get it off, and unless you are extremely careful, these chemicals can interfere with your roof tiles. They are harmful and can cause degradation, as well as present risks to the surrounding ecosystem. As a result of this, you may have to replace the roof tiles which comes at an extra cost as well as inconvenience.

Another risk of getting moss removed from your roof, is that if it is in a tricky place to get to, ie it is not just around the edges and easily accessible, it means roofers would have to get up onto your roof in order to get it off. This is quite risky and isn’t good for the general condition of your roof. 

Furthermore, the process of removing moss can ultimately cause your roof tiles to weaken or dislodge. Your roof is an essential layer of the house, therefore it needs to be in good condition. Weakened tiles are not good and can lead to further damage to your roof. This is also caused by dislodged tiles, as they may lead gaps, and this could lead to things such as leaks.  


To conclude, although moss isn’t very visually appealing on your roof, most of the time you should just leave it. There are a lot of risks involved with removing moss, and moss will always regrow anyway, so it won’t solve the problem completely. However, if there are excessive amounts we would advise that you contact a professional roofer to get it removed, as this can also put your roof at risk.