What is EPDM?

EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. It is a special type of rubber used specifically for roofing, with some of its main materials coming from oil and natural gas to ensure a high quality and well valued product.


What it is


EPDM rubber is a very durable material used in roofing. Due to its high quality it is able to expand and contract in accordance of the conditions it is faced with. As a result, this makes EPDM rubber extremely effective and efficient in preventing weather damage.


There’s no hiding from the fact this can be quite an expensive material to install, however it is a great investment for any building or homeowner as it prevents any serious damage later down the line. Without the protection from EPDM rubber, you could be faced with damage that is very hard and expensive to repair.

Benefits of EPDM


Whilst I have briefly touched on some of the benefits of having EPDM rubber installed, there are many more reasons as to why this material is a particularly effective one that you may want to consider getting.


Firstly, EPDM rubber has extreme weather resistance. It is incredibly durable and flexible as it can mould to the shape of wherever it is being fitted and adjust accordingly with the weather, meaning that it can expand and contract in order to provide the best protection for your roof. It is also safer to install than other materials and has a longer life expectancy than most (50 years to be precise!). Because of this, getting EPDM offers great value for money, because it is long lasting and prevents any serious damage in the long run. It’s also easily repairable and so wouldn’t incur a large cost or great difficulty if ever there were to be any problems with it!

What it’s used for


EPDM rubber is primarily used for covering up areas that are susceptible to weather and UV sun damage. This prevents damage from any weather conditions and can stop anything from leaks to sunlight damage. As EPDM rubber is used on roofs, this means it covers the main area of any structure that faces the most impact from severe weather.

Here at CJS Roofing, we offer EPDM rubber roofing installment as one of our many services. We provide this as we believe it is highly effective and something that all homes should use to protect themselves from weather damage. If you’d like to know a little more or are interested in getting this material installed, don’t hesitate to have a chat with us on 0161 427 9518 or by dropping us an email at s.malamed@yahoo.com.