December 20, 2017
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Everything You Need to Know About Industrial Cladding

Unless you’re in the roofing industry, you probably won’t be that familiar with types of roofs, and also certain terms used within roofing to describe things. […]
December 15, 2017
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Fight the Winter Weather with our High Quality Roofing Materials

As the weather becomes increasingly worse throughout winter, it is common that we find customers coming to us because they are experiencing issues with their roofing. […]
December 1, 2017

Do You Need a New Roof?

When it comes to replacing a roof, you ideally want to start the process sooner rather than later. By spotting early signs and getting it seen […]
November 20, 2017

What is EPDM?

EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. It is a special type of rubber used specifically for roofing, with some of its main materials coming from […]
November 3, 2017

Why You Should Choose CJS Roofing

Our team here at CJS Roofing have a wealth of knowledge within the industry, and we want to use this to help you. It’s extremely important […]