Upgrading Your Home with Modern Roofing Materials

September 10, 2019

In all aspects of life and in everything we do, as time goes on, we progress and learn how things can be done better, or how different alternatives could be more efficient. This is something that certainly applies to design and building maintenance, and of course, one of the areas involved in this is roofing. 

Over the years, we have learnt how new and better materials can be a more successful tool in roofing. Modern roofing tends to be a lot more reliable and durable than traditional, older types of roofing. This is because we have discovered over time how to use new materials and techniques to create a more effective, durable and long lasting roof. 

We thought we’d share some of our favourite modern roofing materials, and talk about how these can upgrade your home and provide lasting benefits…


Modern roofing materials

Every material is different. The higher quality the material is, the better the purpose it will serve in protecting your roof and keeping it safe and secure from damage. As roofing specialists, we see first hand the difference modern roofing materials have and the positive impact they create on any property. 


Metal shingles 

The great thing about metal is that it is fairly light and flexible, yet incredibly strong and weather resistant. It is a material that is compatible with all different types of roofing and one that is easy to work with and mold to the perfect fit in order to keep your roof as secure as possible. It is also fairly low maintenance and gives off more of a modern aesthetic about it. They also don’t fall victim to rusting, nor do they rot or get cracked or marked.


Plastisol roof sheets

Plastisol roof sheets are another material that is a bit more modern and durable in roofing. They are fantastic for protecting your roof particularly against weather damage, as for one they are waterproof, but they also act as a cover for your roof so that it is protected when faced with any severe weather conditions. Our plastisol roof sheets here at CJS Roofing come with a 25-year warranty as they are very long lasting and therefore a great investment for your roof.


Synthetic slate

With synthetic slate, you get the best of both worlds, as it is designed to be a very natural looking material, however has a lot more practical benefits than standard slate. Synthetic slate is generally made up of all different materials in order to create its authentic and realistic look, meaning that it has all kinds of benefits and good qualities. Furthermore, it is a cheaper alternative to real slate, making it an affordable option for your home. 


EPDM rubber

EPDM rubber is one of our favourite materials here at CJS Roofing. It is affordable, yet provides incredible durability and does an amazing job in keeping the building safe and protected. The only fault with this material is that it doesn’t have a lifespan as long as others as it tends to last on average around 10 years. However, we would still strongly recommend investing in this affordable roofing material as it is incredibly strong and efficient and is resistant to heat and severe weather to name a few of its advantages.


Immediate and long term benefits

Your roof defines a lot of things about your home, both aesthetically and practically. Therefore, choosing high quality modern materials is a great way to enhance your property and not only provide immediate benefits, but also advantages in the long run. This even includes if you decide to sell your property in the future, as modern roofing is more appealing and valuable on the market, due to its fantastic quality and valuable lifespan.

For more information or if you would like to speak to us about different modern roofing materials, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.