Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Get Your Roof Sorted

The sun is cracking the flags at the minute and there’s simply no better weather for us to work in. This fantastic weather can also be great for you, too. It is a well known statement within roofing that summer is the best time to get work done, and the time that we tend to be tasked with all kinds of jobs. This includes both industrial and corporate work, and can be anything from slate tiling to a whole new extension.

The point is, if you are in need of any repairs or installation, now is the time to get it done!

Why summer is the perfect time

Summer tends to be a really good time for us – particularly towards the end when we become busiest. As roofing is a job that takes time and can require several days work, knowing that the weather is a bit more consistent can really help with the schedule. For us it means that the weather is much more predictable and so we know what we are dealing with and are able to plan around it. As well as this, sometimes these good weather conditions can actually be useful for the materials used within roofing, as it keeps the condition good and allows them to excel.

Furthermore, due to the weather being better, we can actually sometimes be a lot quieter throughout the summer in terms of work, as not as many people come to us with problems that most often tend to be caused by bad weather, so it could also work to your advantage from this perspective, too. It is also known for roofing companies to lower prices over the summer period if they aren’t getting as much work.

How it compares to other seasons

If your home is in the process of having a roof replacement, that of course takes time, there may be weaker parts of your roof for a short period of time just whilst the work is being done. If this was to be done in the winter months when there can be some quite severe weather, there is a risk that your roof could suffer from leaks or dampness with it not being fully secure for that short space of time. Leading on from this point, there’s also generally not as much damage caused throughout summer as bad weather isn’t as prominent and that is one of the biggest contributing factors. Summer tends to provide the most ideal temperatures for roofing. Of course, roofers work all year round, it’s just that this specific time makes the whole process a little easier.

Sometimes it’s good to start doing a bit of a roof check yourself, just to observe the sort of condition that it’s in and whether or not you think it needs some work on it. This can be done as easily as just looking at it, and keeping your eyes peeled for any visible damage, such as broken shingles. You can also find signs of damage within your home, like damp or leaks coming from the inside. Even if there’s no major problem, sometimes a little touch up and evaluation can prevent any big problems from arising in the future, and considering the points we’ve mentioned throughout this blog, this is the perfect time to get your roof seen to.

It tends to be a little more towards the end of summer that more and more people come to us for their roofing needs, so why not beat the bullet and get it done now? It’s the perfect time whilst the weather is nice. And of course, summer doesn’t last forever, so the sooner we get the ball rolling the better! For more information or to enquire about any work, get in touch with us today on 0161 279 518 or send an email to s.malamed@yahoo.com.